Lauren James


Lauren began her career in music at 21 shortly after learning to play the guitar.

Inspired by the cultural scene, six months later Lauren moved to Melbourne with guitarist/singer/songwriter Ben Smith where they became known as Longtoe Duo.

Performing as full time musicians, the duo spent the next three years gigging at various venues around Melbourne including a residency at The Crown Casino.

The Duo’s highlight performance was playing alongside Christine Anu and The Super Jesus in 2006 at a festival held by the Crown Casino.

During this time, Lauren released a single titled “Oblivious” for which a film clip was developed and filmed in Queensland. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bfHPFK6I0Rk

Craving the warmer weather, Lauren moved back to the Sunshine Coast where she performed as a solo artist at restaurants and cafes.

In 2007, Lauren was asked to perform her original songs by a Melbourne publicist as support for Canadian folk artist Ember Swift on her Australian tour at Maleny Cultural Centre.

Lauren having recently become friends with Matt James through music, performed as a duo for this event. Lauren on acoustic guitar and vocals, Matt on percussion and didgeridoo.

Later that same year, Lauren’s love for music was overshadowed by her passion for yoga. The next two years were spent studying and teaching yoga and meditation.

In 2008, Lauren and director, camera operator and short film maker Alexi Cox, co-wrote and developed a kid’s yoga dvd titled “The Storybook of Zen”. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ByF7GLoDAmA

That same year Lauren and Matt would cross paths again. Their mutual love of music grew into a love for each other.

In 2010 they became engaged in Montreal while on a Canadian tour for Matt’s music, and were married two years later.

By 2012, they wrote and released an album together titled “Rejuvenation”. The chilled ambient style of music was well received by listeners, and was soon followed up with a second release “Tranquility” in 2014.

In 2015, Lauren furthered her talents in engineering and production, recording an album for fellow Sunshine Coast musicians “AZ.U.R”. The album “B.AZ.U.R” was released September that year.

In 2016, Matt & Lauren with the inclusion of Matt Aitchison (a.k.a “Favourite Son” and former original member of “Oka), formed the band “Tribal Groove”. Their debut album release “Dreamtime”, with it’s House Beats and dance tracks, landed them festival line ups and a fast growing fan base.


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