Hi Matt,
My husband and I are from Blackbutt and we had a few days away at Noosa just this past weekend. As most visitors to the Sunshine Coast we visited the Eumundi markets and saw you performing there. I guess you hear it all the time, but you and your muscial talents are amazing!!! We loved how your music seemed to ‘transport’ (as your cd is called) us to ‘another place’. We live at an Outdoor Ed centre that does month long camps for year 10 students and we thought a great way to get them into the transition from the city (the coast and redliffe) to the country would be to put one of your cds on as they get off the bus! I hope that would be ok with you. Anyway, you are very talented and its great to have such Aussie sounding & cool music! The girl that was selling your cds said you are on facebook but there are too many Matt James’ on there so if you wouldn’t mind giving me your face book details, or you could find me?Thanks & blessings, Stacey Kilburn 

Hi Matt,
Just wanted to stop by and say G’day. I bought your Evolution cd a couple of years ago when you were playing at Carrara Markets. It’s probably one of my favorite cd’s. I have thousand of albums in my iTunes library but there’s only a few that i turn to in times of need, and yours is one of them! When ever i’m feeling down, or the world seems like too much, i listen to Evolution and i feel calm and grounded again! Thanks for making such honest and great music!

Peace & love,

Hi Matt,
I bought your cd at the Caravan and Motorhome show in Sydney 🙂 after hearing you play.
We would just like to thank you for being there, otherwise we wouldn’t have known about you.
My daughter is a songwriter and guitar player so I couldn’t wait for her to hear your cd, and of course she loves it too 🙂
Expect a few more orders, you make our world a better place Matty,

Kind regards, and may all your dreams come true,
Carole King

Hi Matt,

It was great to meet you at the Rocklea Markets today. We all enjoyed your performance. The children had never seen anything like it before and they were amazed by your talent. Being didgeridoo players themselves, it opened their minds up to a whole new world of the sounds you can make by combining different instruments.

We listened to the CD’s you gave us on the way home in the car. The boys are always experimenting with different ways to play their didgeridoo’s and the CD’s have also given them a few more ideas which they are keen to try. They are also keen guitar players so I hope to start them on lessons soon.

Thanks for taking the time to talk to us. You really made the boy’s day.
Hope to see you again soon.

Kind Regards,

Alison, Creedence, Izaac and Isabella Graham.
Hi Matty,
Just returned from a most relaxing visit to Sunshine Beach. I visited the Eumundi markets during my stay and your music had me enthralled for quite a while, whilst my sister-in-law did the ‘shop’ thing. Most relaxing and inspiring thing I did at the markets. So much so I bought all four cd’s and have listened to them nearly every day since returning home. My son has also become a fan.
Thank you so much for your beautiful, motivating and inspiring music.
Thank you for truly inspiring music I listen to Australia zoo every morning and rock around!! It’s great and have just bought Futurizm and Transporta and am so looking forward to receiving them. Thanks again I await more CD’s with glee.
Kind Regards
Hi Matty

I purchased yr albums recently and I just absolutely love them so true they awaken your soul. You are amazingly talented god bless you mate.

Cooee Bay Qld 4703

P.S would love to have u up this way!!!
Matt – Every time I play your music it just rocks!!! Will need to take a drive up the coast to see you again, ****ing awesome!!

Darren Gossner

Greetings Matt.
Thanku so much for the autographed `Live @ OZ Zoo`,
I have lost count of the number of times I have played it, often in company, who always adores your style too.
I will be over in Malloolaba in July and will certainly be visiting the EU market where , hopefully you will be olaying. I hope to shake your hand !!
Your admirer
Hi Matt,

Just wanted to say the CD’s we bought from you today at Springfield Markets are absolutely fantastic to listen to. We are both loving the instruments. There is not one track that we do not like, just brillant from start to end. As soon as we got in the car we started playing one and have been playing them all arvo and now even while we are working at the computer we are playing them.

It was by chance that we visited those markets today. We could hear your music being played from where we had to walk over a long bridge and we were just reading about what kind of music you were playing when we wondered whether the photo you had on the banner was the same person that played on our DVD for Tony O’Connor’s Live Concert. Your lovely assistant selling the CDs confirmed that it was you.

Thanks for such great music. Have looked at your webpage and thoroughly enjoyed reading your Bio etc. 🙂

Amanda Mitchell & Brian Cruickshanks
Hi Matty
We brought the Gall brothers dvd last weekend. As soon as we put it on we were taken with the upbeat music and dancing around the lounge room
:-), Wow, lots of soul we have gone online and will purchase your futurisms
You should be an international star love your work
warm regards
Michele Jules

Hi Matt,

I love your music and I am hooked on a song of yours “Message to your mind” and would love to know if you have anything else like this. You have a beautiful voice and you should record more vocal blues type music.

Keep up the fantasic work and look forward to hearing from you.

Yyaaayyyyyy I love love love your music so much!!! You are amazing!!!!! Please don’t ever stop bringing your amazing talent to the world, we would all be devastated!!!
Can’t wait for the next album!!!!


Sheree Newman


I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all, firstly for taking the time to sit down and e-mail or write to me, and secondly for all your words of thanks and appreciation of my music. I still get blown away, and I am humbled by your enthusiasm. I love creating and playing music, and feel very blessed that I actually have a job doing what I love to do.

Keep enjoying the vibes! of my music. . . Matty


Hello Matt,

I was very fortunate to discover you and your unique style of music, on a recent holiday in Australia last month, from New Zealand. While I sat and watched you perform, tears welled up in my eyes; I was awestruck at your talent and music like I have never heard before in my life. I found it very spiritual, very emotional and very moving. I purchased three of your CD’s and they are the only ones I carry in my car now. I just wish to thank you, for you have given a great gift to this old man. I will be back, as I now plan to move to Australia and I most certainly will be looking closely to where you will be performing in the future.

All the best

Steve Ferguson


G’day Matty,

My wife and I were on holidays in Noosa earlier in the year (Feb 2010) with friends of ours and we were at the Eumundi Market mid week and I watched you play for over an hour and thought you were great; I purchased Transporta and that is the only CD that I have played since. I have never tired of listening to your music. When we were up there in 2009 I purchased 3 CD’s of another artist that was playing at Eumundi, but I have to tell you it was a mistake, the music on the CD’s was nothing like what he was playing, so it was with a bit of trepedation that I purchased Transporta; but honestly it is a fantastic CD and like I said it hasn’t been out of the CD player since. I would now like to purchase the other three.

Regards Les

ps. Hope to hear you play again when we are back up at Noosa in July 2011.


Hello Matt,

We were a couple of Kiwis who heard you play at Eumundi market on Saturday 10th July. I bought your first album Evolution and now I wish I had bought all four at the time! I have Evolution in my CD player in my car and I don’t think I’ve taken it out since I got back. I swear it is beginning to wear thin, I have played it that much. Now I just have to figure how to get the other three cd’s so that I can give Evolution a rest.

Keep the good vibes happening



Hi Matty,

Glad to see you are still operating. Hope to see you again at Eumundi in December. You may recall I don’t move around very well now. As you may guess I am still enjoying your music. The more I play it the more I appreciate your talent. When is the next album coming out?

All the very best to you

Joe & Pam


Hi Matt

Many thanks indeed for allowing us to use your wonderful music for our sound track. We usedDestination for the three minute doco  and Didge Ja Vu for a 30 second add . . . . our camerman was stoked. It’s absolutely beautiful footage and your music makes it perfect. We have just dashed off to VAustralia to deliver our four commercials two for VAustralia and two for Virgin Blue.

Cheers and thanks once again for helping the furry folk.

‘No Tree No Me’


Hello Matt,

Just to say that I recently saw you in Halifax US and thought your music was great, so I purchased one of your albums, boy I wish I had taken up the offer of all four. The music is fantastic and beautiful, well done.I am a 60 year old Englishman and to admit that an Aussie is good at something really goes against the grain especially during the Ashes series, but I shall be purchasing your other cd’s in due course and will watch with interest from this side of the world the assured progress that your talent will make.

Best wishes from England

Richard Brown


Hi Matt,

My wife Sharon and I saw you perform last week at the Buskers Festival in Halifax and we were totally impressed. We bought Evolution and have almost wore it out. Sure wish we would’ve bought the rest. Great music, and congrats on your success.

Keep it up.

Greg Surrey, British Columbia


G’day Matt,

My lady and I live in the condo complex that you performed in front of last weekend in Toronto. I heard this amazing music

mid afternoon from up on the 5th floor! the Didgeridoo in particular, the great rythyms going on and I said to Cindy “listen to this”. We ventured down to street level and were immediately blown away at your music, artistry and soulful spirit. The rasta rap guy did a few numbers with you near the end. It was very inspiring and I bought 2 of your CD’s. Absolutely great music and I e-mailed my 4 brothers who are all professional musicians in Los Angeles, Nashville and Vancouver (very successful) and told them to check you out. They are all fans now so best of luck mate and hope to see you again up here in Toronto again real soon. Keep up the great music.



My friend,

Hope you and your troupe are well. It was great to hear your soulful music at the Buskers Festival – I must admit it is quite difficult to just play Mirdanga, but you effortlessly play so many instruments without loosing a beat – and the best is that you play, you don’t “beat” – there is a big difference. Your music was outstanding – I hope we get the chance to jam with some Indian-Australia fusion in the future.

Dr. Anand


Hi Matt,

Just wanted to say Thank You for providing us with some awesome entertainment in Ottawa August 1st, 2009. I am a musician myself and I was so moved by your music that I am getting chills up the back of my neck as I am writing this. Your CD’s are amazing and will be with me on my MP3 player at all times as I will be listening to them while touring on my motorcycle.

There is no better way to heighten your senses than riding a bike and listening to your music amongst some amazing scenery. This is a true escape (even if only for a short time)> Keep up the great work and I am looking forward to seeing you at the Toronto Buskerfest. If possible can you tell me where you will be performing there so I can make a beeline for that spot?

Regards Rob


Hi Matt,

My daughter and I listened to you play at the Toronto Buskerfest today August 30th. It was a great sound we heard, and the opportunity to purchase/listen to new and unblemished music has been a real treat. Your talents were a unique “stumblupon”. Keep on groovin fella!

Cheers Nigel and Kelly


Hi Matty,

I saw you at the Toronto Buskerfest and really enjoyed your show. Bought two of your albums and just love them. Keep the faith and keep on truckin!

Cheers Ed


Hello Matt,

The Evolution album you signed for me at the zoo around four years ago still resonates my soul – it is my favourite meditation music and it totally changed my life. Keep the vibe alive.

from David


Hi Matt,

Love your music and I am keen to purchase it for my trip to Cape York at the end of August. I was hoping to pay straight into your bank account – I would like all 4. Please let me know if you can help me out. Thanks and keep making great music.

Cheers Kerrie


Dear Matty,

This is Cameron from the buskers in Kingston. I was listening to the music and the music is like none other! I just feel like to want to listen to your music all day long. Its the best music I have ever heard. Good luck

Sincerely Cameron


Hello Matty,

It is Saturday 6th June and I saw you for the first time at Carrara Markets – I was so moved by your amazing talent and music. Goose bumps through me as I listened and watched you perform. I purchased three of your CD’s and right now am enjoying the vibrations of various sounds. When I walked away from purchasing your CD’s and hearing you perform, emotion emerged deep within my soul – I cried silently (joyful emotion) walking to my car – your music really moved me to the deepest core of my being! Thank you – you have incredible talent! I absolutely love your music! Wishing you abundance and blessings and may many come to experience your bliss!


Thanks Matt,

for the opportunity to hear your music at the Eumundi Markets this Saturday just past. My sister Wendy introduced me to you and Lauren. When we got back to the hut we played all 4 of your CD’s, and with the view of the Mary River and the mountains – it just seemed the perfect backdrop to absorb your sounds – nothing like it!!!

Keep up the magical music

Love Dal


Dear Matty,

This is Cameron from the buskers in Kingston, Canada. I was listening to the music and the music is like none other! I just feel like I want to listen to your music all day long. Its the best musicI have ever heard. Good luck.

Sincerely Cameron


My Dear Didgy Doo Man of the year whom we all love!!

Matt, one needs another language to communicate with these days – thanks for your beautiful gift! for your music, and the hope you give to us by the ton!! We love you dearly, and stay as wonderful as you are!

LOVE Mary Sydney


Hi Matt,

When I first heard yo I thought “I must get over there and listen to that band.” Imagine my surprise when I discovered you were a one man show!./ Only had time to listen to one song but loved it, that’s why I bought the 3 albums. I I gave my business card to your partner and told her that I was gong to put them in the jukeboxes at my shops. I have just finished typing up the labels so I’m going to put 2 in the jukebox at Springwood Cold Rock and 1 in my other shop at Garden City tomorrow. You have to drive right past my front door at Springwood to get there so why don’t you drop in and I’ll shout you an ice-cream.

Regards Geoff & Barb


Hey Matty,

I’ve got to tell you opening your new CD and reading your note came at a perfect time – I’ve listened to it all the way through about ten times now!!! Its very nice and a masterfull mix, and a real showcase of your multiple talents . . . . and very original. I’m going to order more through the website to send to family and friends in the USA. Thanks again.



Hey MJ,

I am enjoying your online sample as I type you this e-mail. All I share to sum it up is Amazing Immaculate Vibrations. Cheers, Your musical endowment and my soul’s love for music makes life happy. Congratulations!

Nympha Angel Eyes Fran


Dear Matt,

Thank you for enriching my life with your unique sound. Truly spiritual, soothes my soul, invigorates my body and mind and my girls love it too. I need to listen to your music otherwise I suffer withdrawals! There is nothing better, other than hearing you play live. After reading some of your testimonials i’m glad the rest of the world gets to hear it too. Happy New Year!



Hello Matt

my wife and I were absolutely blown away with your performances at the Toronto Buskerfest 2008. We were there on Saturday and thought you were the best of all the talent that was there. We have been listening to your Live at the Australia Zoo CD and cannot get enough. Your talent is incredible! Keep it up and if you have any new cd’s coming please let me now. Hope to see you at the Buskerfest 2009. AMAZING AND MEMORABLE!!!!!!!!

Doug & Connie



We have had the pleasure of seeing you at the Buskerfest in Toronto Canada. You are truly amazing. We hope to see you again next year . . . All the best to you from Canada . . . God Bless you and keep making that beautiful music.



Hello Matty,

I have not too much verbiage to express what my awakening spirit wants to convey to you for helpng revive the energy of pure life force in me. Thankyou very much and continue to let life unfold and flow through you and your passionate mission – making earth rumble in sacred revelry! Peace harmony love music and laughter all life long

Yours in Spirit


p.s. I hope you have a few festivals scheduled in the land down under until you return to Toronto to share your gifts and spread love and joy.


Hey Matt.

I met you Saturday at Buskerfest and loved your performances!

I don’t think I’ve ever heard a didgeridoo before, not in person anyway. The fact that you can play so many instruments is truly amazing. I’m always inspired by people who have found, and pursued their passion in life.”Expect the unexpected . . . . like you, I am still evolving.” My sentiments exactly!



Hi Matt

Although it’s been 4 years since our family visit to Australia and a most special trip to Australia Zoo – you and your music figure high on the rictor scale of awesome moments and memories left with us from our time in your country. Originally from NZ and now living in the UK, married, kids and a mortgage 20 years later, it makes me wish I had made the effort to visit Aussie many years ago! Your haunting sounds will continue to bring joy and memories for many years to come . . . We play, hmmmmm well try . . . our didge as often as the neighbours allow!!!

Love and Hugs . . . JJ


Hello Matt,

I am born and bred Far North Qld Aboriginal woman. I have moved to Canberra for work and have been living here since October last year and miss home very much, my family (my mob) the food, the music, country and warmth and balance of life with being here in the city work. Thankyou, myself and no doubt many people genuinely and truly appreciate your moving mesmerising music. It was so inspirational, grounding and comforting after hearing your music where you played at Kingston markets last Sunday. I had only walked in to the markets and instantly could hear the didgeridoo and rhythms of the drums calling . . . too deadly. I really enjoyed your music, it is like a journey and just took me home to my country, the rainforest, sunshine, saltwater and peace. Your music is very balancing, warming, healing and moving. I am looking forward to purchasing your CD’s and spreading the word to my mob and others how deadly and sweet your vibes are. Thankyou and keep on smiling, grooving and keeping it real!

Respect for Music



Hi Matt,

My husband and I (in our late 50’s) saw you a few years ago at the North Pine Country markets in Brisbane and couldn’t believe how talented you are. I just loved listening to you, and could watch you play for hours – so we bought your evolution CD which you kindly autographed. I love listening to the CD and I’m ordering the Live at Australia Zoo CD as I’ve only recently discovered your web site after reading the slick from the first CD. The last I heard you were heading overseas, our loss their gain. I see you performed in Toronto, I’m sure you were a huge success.

I was wondering if you haven’t already returned to Australia when are you likely to and are we able to catch up with you performing anywhere around Brisbane as I would love to see you perform again?

regards Wendy


Hi Matt

I am the lady from England who was in Australia on holiday in January. After being a pain – unable to decide which CD to buy, I finally chose Evolution and me being me, got to the car and quickly flicked through the CD, LOVED IT!!!! so had to quickly run back in the zoo and try to catch you before you left to buy the other CD Transporta- LOVED THAT ONE TOO!!! so now I am in desperate need of your new CD “Live at Australia Zoo”. As soon as I got home to England, I put both CD’s onto my ipod; as one of your songs comes on, well its hard to describe but I’m sure that all your fans will know exactly what I mean, every song is different from one to the other and the different feelings you get with each is hard to put into words, most words seem inadequate. Each song seem to entice you, almost hypnotic. Both CD’s are brilliant and I would like to know what I have to do to get the other one. Hope you don’t mind but as I love your music so much I have even put it onto our dvd of holiday pictures as the backing music. It just seemed the only choice, nothing else made me think of Australia more. All my family and friends that have seen the dvd love your music too, so your gaining lots more fans. Look forward to hearing from you.




Your latest CD Live at Australia Zoo is awesome! Wow! what a surprise!!! You are just the most talented beautiful soul . . . . . ever; thankyou.

p.s. It was a nice surprise to hear you sing again . . . more please.

Susie (UK)


Hi Matt,

I heard you play yesterday at the Carrara Markets at the Gold Coast for about a minute and a half before I bought your 3 cd’s. Man, you totally rock! I LOVE your sound, it speaks straight to my (I want to say heart) but it’s more than that, – its deeper more primal, and I feel it straight in my gut. It makes me want to dance in the dirt. Thanks for sharing the energy of your soul through your music. Its really awesome. So was wondering where can my friends and I see/hear you plaing live?

Love, light & gratitude, Nichole


To Matt,

We absolutely LOVE your music and spend a lot of time kicking back on the weekends listening to all of your albums. It’s such a unique sound that you have. Thanks for your time and your amazing talent. Cheers . . . Ez & Phill


Hey Matt,

Just wanted to say I just bought a copy of Live at Australia Zoo – amazing stuff! I’m a keen didge player myself, but still have a long way to go in comparison i’m afraid to say. I love the style of didge playing on your CD – especially the really ripping stuff, and to accompany with other instruments at the same time is awesome – and it sounds brilliant!!! Fair play, keep it up.

Jonathon (UK)


Hello Matt,

Thanks for the brilliant performance Friday afternoon at Australia Zoo. The Wilston School students just loved it. The CD you gave us was played on the bus on the way home at our request, and was enjoyed by all. Therese (Teacher Gr. 6 & 7)


Hi Matt,

Thankyou for Transporta, it’s great! We really love it. Since October when we listened to you playing at the zoo, I have been haunted by your music. We have all 3 CD’s now and can’t wait for summer, your music will be played at all our BBQ’s – hope our neighbours enjoy them too. When you come to the UK to perform we would love to be at your concert.

All the best. Ann Your UK pensioner Fan Club


Hello Matt,

We first experienced you at Australia Zoo in February 2002 and from that point on have been touched by your music. Your music to us is Australia, in every respect. It’s fresh, touching, inviting and warm. It has always been moving to us. When we boarded our flight headed back to the states my wife and I started your CD for the first time as the plane engines roared to life. Your music and your country had become in a sense, home. Since 2002 we have had three son’s all of which know Matt James’ music very well. Thankyou for the memories, the smiles, the laughs and the incredible art . . . . . you truly are a wonderful artist.

Mac, Wendy, Trey, Christian & Corbin – Atlanta, GA USA


Hey Matt,

Just got your Evolution CD from a mate and am blown away in the biggest way. Simply put . . . . . BRILLIANT. The problem is after years of playing the CD it doesn’t go past track 4, and my mate tells me track 8 will blow me away even more – I don’t think that is possible but he assures me it will. Is this CD still available, cause I gotta get me one and one to replace my mates

broken one. . . . Troy


Hi Matt,

Had a lovely call from a fan in England. She saw you at Australia Zoo and said your performance brought tears to her eyes; She has seen your web site and said she has just got to have your latest release which is Live at Australia Zoo. . . . Chris


Hi Matt,

I recently visited Australia Zoo and saw you play. Your music is fantastic, made more special due to the diverse range of instruments you utilise. How can I obtain your CD’s in the UK? Also do you have any plans for a tour over here?

Regards Robert


Hi there,

I was just after a copy of your Transporta CD if possible please. I have your other CD Evolutionand I haven’t stopped listening to it since I got back from our Qld holiday in November! Watching you perform was the highlight of my whole holiday, I just can’t get over how talented you are.

Looking forward to hearing Transporta and hope there are plenty more albums to come.

Thanks heaps . . . Tracey


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