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Tribal Groove

Tribal Groove is an independent label formed by Matt and Lauren James in 2011.

It is the umbrella of which the broad collective of albums developed over the years all fall under:

Matt James solo albums – Evolution, Transporta, Live at Australia Zoo and Futurizms

Tribal Groove’s relaxation albums – Rejuvenation, Tranquility and Alchemy

Matt, Lauren & Matt Aitchison’s co-written album Dreamtime

Forming the label Tribal Groove enables the inclusion of band members and featured artists, and offers the unlimited expansion of a collective creation. It allows for solo, duo and band recordings to tie together under the one label while having the freedom to explore various musical avenues.

Matt is such an incredibly talented artist ~ who plays a multitude of instruments from the didgeridoo, djembe, congas, jambe, bamboo and native American wood flutes, drums, harmonica, acoustic electric & electric guitars, with an incredible setup that sings to your heart and carries your spirit on an amazing journey into your tribal roots. The connection with the Earth, the Sky, the sacred elements is voiced through his music. His beautiful wife Lauren James has the voice of an angel that echoes through the estuaries of divine connection calling you home – through the rejuvenation of the heart, mind and body.

Combined they are a divine match that together create the harmony of sound through all the music that is here – if we just listen to these ancient sounds they innately reproduce through their music. I have the pleasure of owning 5 albums now and Dreamtime is the latest one…with another which will make 8 on its way! For now ~ I am listening to Rejuvenation….peaceful, and a blissful, perfect touch to the end of a glorious day on our sacred Mother Earth. Blessings to you All ! Thanks for a great night of magic Matt, my friend. A pleasure to meet you finally and I look forward to meeting your beautiful wife one day too! Mary Lou Wabun Rey