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Since the birth of our daughter Ava in 2017, major shifts and awakenings have been occurring for Matt and myself.

After a four year IVF struggle, consisting of 10 days in hospital with over-stimulation and one miscarriage, finally on our sixth transfer, Ava was conceived. The struggle continued… the first four months of pregnancy being absolutely bedridden with morning sickness, gestational diabetes, and an emergency C-section after 24 hours of labor… then finally our gorgeous baby girl was here… with tongue and lip ties and excruciating colic, mastitis, expressing milk around the clock for six months, and frequent waking ups every 1-2 hours until she turned two.

But something magical happened. The purity of her love shone a light on some dark places within ourselves that without the struggle we wouldn’t have reached. For me, it was overcoming a 20 year battle with depression, for Matty it was facing up to lingering auto-immune illnesses. Both of which had lead us to substance dependancy.

Ava enabled us to view life through a completely different lens…

Alchemy ~ a seemingly magical process of transformation, creation, or combination ~

This album holds the intention of connecting you to your higher self. It has been inspired through meditation, and grown through persistent effort of balancing family, music and personal growth. Album coming soon!



Alchemy Cover

About The Author

Lauren James is a singer/songwriter, who plays keyboards and guitar, and enjoys spending most of her time in the studio, engineering and producing music. She administers the day to day running of Tribal Groove, is a mother to Ava and has two cute little dogs Reggie and Rita :)
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