Update on the next Tribal Groove Album

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Update on the next Tribal Groove album!

We and are really looking forward to delving deep into the next Tribal Groove studio production. A number of tracks have been written and we have been playing a lot of these live at the markets.

The music for this album is a three-person co-creation from Matt and Lauren James, and Matt Aitchison, just like the Dreamtime album.

These tracks start with beats and loops sent via email from Matt Aitchison in Murwillumbah, and played live by Matt and Lauren where the creative development takes form in front of a live audience. Melodies, instrumentation, and lyrics are all formed in the free-flowing format. There is a real fluidity captured in the songwriting doing it this way; the tracks that appeal most to the listeners are the ones that make it onto the album. This album will be upbeat and rhythmic, a continuation of the essence of Dreamtime.

There is a real magic that is triggered by the combination of our three different musical abilities. An excitement and stirring of inspiration is brought into the music from the mutual love and respect we have for each other. We have toured Canada together and have a long history of friendship and musicianship. We definitely feel that the future will bring some live concerts our way, and who knows, maybe some more local and overseas touring.

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Thank you for your continued support, we look forward to hearing any album reviews and general feedback, and are excited for what the future may bring!

Update on the next Tribal Groove album
Update on the next Tribal Groove album
Update on the next Tribal Groove album

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Matt James is a multi-instrumentalist from the Sunshine Coast, QLD. He has toured with Tony O'Connor, had a five year residency at Australia Zoo, and is a resident musician at Eumundi markets. He has released numerous albums; with various bands, under his own name, with his wife Lauren James, & under the umbrella of Tribal Groove. He has an incredible talent in playing multiple instruments simultaneously, & has two beautiful daughters, Minjahra and Ava.
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